Blog Migration / Setting Up WordPress on nginx

Recently, I have begun hosting several web services on my home network, and have a few projects I’d like to be able to host. I have been hosting my sites on Amazon for a few years, but now that I have a reliable setup, I figured it was time to migrate everything internally. Unfortunately, my current services each have their own servers, and are distinct enough in purpose that pooling them (or new ones) would not make much sense. Most of my upcoming projects will be websites (and it opens up the potential for additional income).

On to my nginx configuration and WordPress install.

I started with a bare CentOS server, added the nginx repo, and installed all the necessary software for this project.

Now that we have all the required software, we can start to configure it. I’m going to start with the database, but WordPress won’t work until all of these steps are completed, no matter what order.

And now, configure PHP to provide a pool and work within the permissions of nginx, by editing /etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf

Ok, time to install WordPress:

And, finally, configure nginx:

To make sure we can get to the server:

At this point, just navigate to the WordPress site,, and follow the prompts. Permissions should all be set appropriately so that everything should be possible from the site itself.


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