Slow Progress

I’m still here.  Slowly making progress through the RHCE book.  I’m discovering typos, inaccuracies (possibly due to the age of the book), and things just don’t seem to work very nicely, and it gets very frustrating to try to learn from something that can’t even do it right itself.  I’m also at a point where I’m hitting on things that (I think) I am unlikely to ever encounter.  So those are also difficult to work at.

I’m thinking of doing some storage system modifications.  If I go through with them, I’ll end up migrating the couple VMs I have set up to the local storage, doing whatever I need to to the storage box, and then move them all back.  I’m playing with the idea of using NFS.  I already migrated one of the rarely used VMs over to an NFS share.  The reason I’m considering a storage revamp is the permissions issues that still evade my fixes.  I don’t know if it was during install, post-install, something I forgot, what-have-you, but I haven’t found an acceptable solution as of yet.  Currently, the best method I have is to automount the NFS shares through the command line to copy ISOs, but the new VM NFS share I can access from the Finder.  It’s all rather bewildering and annoying.  I’m probably going to try a fresh FreeNAS install with better knowledge and then go for Nexenta if that fails.

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