vSphere Essentials Kit

I’ve been looking into some upgrades for my home lab.  I’ve talked myself out of hardware (for the minute) but started looking into vSphere improvements, since I am only running a single ESXi install managed by vSphere Client.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to install a vSphere evaluation license, see whether it’s what I’m really looking for for a home lab learning environment, and perhaps spring for the vSphere Essentials Kit.  (Though waiting the 60-days would probably let a few more dollars make their way into my pocket.)

What I’d really like to know is whether Essentials Kit is really, almost, targeted at home lab setups.  VMware Store – VMware vSphere SMB Options The kit allows for up to 3, dual CPU servers which is just right for a basic lab.  But I can find no examples of what licensing options people are using for their home labs, or if anyone is taking advantage of this great deal.


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